Yii 2 RESTful api upload single image

Upload image in Yii 2 REST API

Hey guys, here comes another year and another code snippeton how to upload images via Yii2 REST API.

I have made this extremely easy by commenting the code,in case you get stuck drop a comment 🙂

public function actionSinglefile()
  \Yii::$app->response->format = \yii\web\Response::FORMAT_JSON;
  //response array
  $response = array();
  //create date string to be used a year
  $ymd = date("Ymd");
  //get the 'image' being send via api
  //Returns an uploaded file according to the given file input name.
  //The name can be a plain string or a string like an array element (e.g. 'Post[imageFile]', or 'Post[0][imageFile]').

  $uploadedFile = UploadedFile::getInstanceByName('image');
  if ($uploadedFile) {
    //get the uploaded file name
    $filename = $uploadedFile->name;
    //pathinfo() returns more info about the $uploadFile
    $pathinfo = pathinfo($uploadedFile);
    //create a new filename to avoid file collission
    $filename = $pathinfo['filename'].date('YmdHis').rand(10000,99999);
    //get extension
    $extension  = $uploadedFile->getExtension();
    //directory to save the image
    $save_path = \Yii::getAlias('@backend') . '/web/uploads/' . $ymd . '/';
    //check if dir already exists 
      if (!file_exists($save_path)) {
        //make dir ,give permissions
          mkdir($save_path, 0777, true);
        //save file
      $uploadedFile->saveAs($save_path . $filename. '.' . $extension);
    return $response = array(
                              'fileinfo' => pathinfo($uploadedFile),
                              'filename' => $filename
  } else {
    return array(
                  'file' => $uploadedFile->error,



Yii REST API Guide

Get module,controller and action ID in Yii 2

This tutorial will show you how to get the module ID,controller ID and action ID.

1.From the Views

Module ID $this->context->module->id
Controller ID $this->context->id
Action ID $this->context->action->id

2.From the controller

 Module ID   Yii::$app->controller->module->id;
 Controller ID   Yii::$app->controller->id
 Action ID  Yii::$app->controller->action->id; or
Module ID       $this->module->id;
Controller ID   $this->id;
Action ID       $this->action->id;

3.in the beforeAction method

Module ID      $action->controller->module->id;
Controller ID   $action->controller->id;
Action ID       $action->id;

Now you know it! Let us know your views so that we help where possible. 🙂

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