AliExpress Scrap Product details extension

AliExpress Scrap Product details extension can be used to get the descriptions of any product on

After successful installation you can get the product with just 3 steps:

  1. Get the product link.
  2. Paste the product link.
  3. Click on add product and there you have the details.

Udse the extension to make your dropshipping work easier and faster!!

You can request for a free installation.


username and password: demo

-Test with any product link from AliExpress

OpenCart MultiVendo Pro

Features of Multiseller

With MultiSeller you can turn your OpenCart store into a marketplace.
Customers can apply to become sellers on your store(s).

1. Register / Login seller account from frontend .
2. Start uploading category , products, options from seller panel
3. Different images folder for each seller.
4. Seller can change status of order.
6. Seller profile page where customer can see products by vendor.
7. Seller payment options bank transfer,paypal and check.
8. Physical and downloadable product option for seller
9. Seller membership application needs approval from the main admin.
10. After creating products,categories it will go to admin for approval.
11. Admin also can login into seller account from backend using login seller link.
12. Admin can add/assign product to seller from backend.
13. Check seller’s transaction, products against that transactions and the customers
14. Seller Membership Plans
15. Customers can review sellers.
16. Customers can update their profile,show their social media accounts.
17. Subscription system which helps you give different sellers different subscriptions.
18. Free installation if needed.
19. Different seller dashboard.
20. Custom settings in the back end for further customization.20. Custom settings in the back end for further customization.
21.Import products in Bulk
22.Admin approve Sellers.
23.Bootstrap user interface for sellers
24.OpenCart 3x ready

Compatible with major themes.




username: multivendor password:demo

Seller password:demo




Support Email :

OpenCart Invoice PDF generator

You can generate and download Invoices using this module.

The module supports multiple language.

OpenCart 2.3.x and 3.x supported.


username: multiseller1
password: multiseller1

In the demo Go to Sales >Orders

Select any order you want .

Generate Invoice number

Then Click on Print Invoice

You can also request a customization of this extension by emailing us.

Update 2/11/2017

-Fixed Spanish language error.

-Fixed  currency special characters.

Contact for any question.

You can make a custom request by send us an email.

Thanks for your support 🙂

You can also get some of our  OpenCart extensions here for free.

Sample of the invoice